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What is a 360˚ panoramic image?

Why would you use 360° photos?

Since the beginning of time, humans have been fond of freezing a moment. The rise of Virtual Reality has brought about an unexpected innovation in the world of photography, the 360° photo.

360-degree photos allow the viewer to interact with the image and explore the entire environment around the camera that captured it.

A 360˚ panoramic image is a cylindrical or spherical photograph.

It is displayed on a computer screen as single virtual photograph, however, it is produced from a set of several carefully positioned and shot photographs stitched-together with invisible seams (if done well).

It is virtual in the sense that it does not exist as a tangible or physical object: it can only be seen on a computer screen.

Make it the way you would like the world to see it.

The most spectacular presentation of a panorama is most certainly the 360° virtual tour.



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